External suppliers

HWP UAE is the exclusive importer in UAE of the products manufactured by the Healwell Pharmaceuticals sdn bhd Malaysia, Nutri-Force Nutrition, Bloom & Quaint Inc, and Healing Nutrition Inc.

HWP UAE provides services of customs clearance, warehousing, storage, transportation and direct distribution to end customers or resellers.
Also, a full range of product registration, marketing, financial, legal, IT and government relations services is provided.

HWP UAE is also a direct importer of products made by about 10 multinational manufacturers.

Local suppliers

HWP UAE distributes pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic products supplied by local marketing authorization holders in the region as their sub-distributor in UAE (Sermedic-Servier, Europharm-Glaxo, Sicomed-Zentiva etc).