Welcome to HEALWELL

HealWell Pharma UAE is one of the major national importers, exporters, distributors for pharmaceutical, OTCs, nutraceutical, herbal and dermato-cosmetic products.HWP UAE also deals in laboratory and medical equipments HWP UAE is partner of Nutri-Force Nutrition USA, Bloom and Quaint Nutrition USA, Biolab Dermacosmeticos LTDA Brazil Healing Nutrition USA, Healin Gamat Malaysia and AG 2000 Malaysia. Negotiations are going-on with Korean United Pharma and other leading North and South American & European pharmaceutical companies for exclusive marketing and distribution of their products in the UEA and in the neighboring Middle-Eastern countries.

HWP UAE appoints its exclusive sales force to provide the best quality marketing service to the medical community nationwide. HWP UAE has applied its long-established and successful marketing experiences in the market of Middle-East. HWP UAE has been continuously growing with its nutraceutical business, and is specialized in the marketing of herbal medicines, natural remedies, dietary supplements and the functional foods.

HWP UAE also distributes pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic products supplied by local marketing authorization holders in the region as their sub-distributor in UAE.

HWP UAE has a network of over 1000 customers, of all categories, spread all over the United Arab Emirates territory. Our major customers are pharmacies super stores and hospitals. We also participate in tender business in government owned hospital.